Standing Seam Metal Roof: A Great Commercial Roofing Option

Standing seam metal roofing is not likely to dethrone asphalt shingle roofing anytime soon, but it is undeniably gaining traction in America. This roofing solution is a great option for both homes and commercial properties.

A standing seam metal roof has a higher upfront cost than asphalt shingle roofing systems, but it is worth the extra expense. Here’s why:

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Unquestionable Durability

Metal is one of the most durable materials, making it a great choice for roofs. A standing seam metal roof not only is not only durable but also needs very little maintenance throughout its service life. While it will need to be inspected periodically, it is unlikely to merit costly repairs frequently. When installed by an experienced and skilled roofing and siding contractor, a metal roof can provide decades of top-rate performance.

Reliable Water Infiltration Resistance

Metal roofs consist of several panels interlocked to one another, with very few seams, which means the system is less vulnerable to leaks. The same can’t be said about other roofs made up of smaller pieces of material. Ingeniously designed to be taller than cascading rainwater, the standing seams of a metal roof installed by an expert roofing company provide excellent weather resistance.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

If you want a cool commercial roofing system, you can’t go wrong with a metal roof. Metal has outstanding thermal properties, allowing it to deflect most of solar energy and re-emit a large portion of the little heat it does absorb. Its ability to maintain a low surface temperature contributes to its longevity.

Charming Aesthetics

Another big advantage of metal roofing is that it comes in a wide range of colors and textures, enabling it to complement almost any architectural style. Unlike asphalt shingles and single-ply membranes with limited aesthetic options, standing seam metal roofing systems are extremely versatile and can improve the beauty of any building.

Cost-Effective Roofing

Apart from being durable and low-maintenance, standing seam metal roofs are also cost-effective. They can be installed over existing roofing, which minimizes debris that ends up in landfills. Adding zinc-aluminum alloy coating prevents it from getting rusty.

Recyclable Roofing Material

One of the most notable benefits of standing seam metal roofs is their recyclability. Metal, after all, is an eco-friendly material, and raw materials used for manufacturing these roofs contain at least 35% recycled content. Even after they have been torn off from homes and buildings in roofing projects, these roofs can still be recycled anew.

If a standing seam metal roof is not your style, we offer a wide range of other products that you can choose from for your roof replacement service. Call us today to discuss your commercial roofing needs and get a free estimate.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Types of Standing Seam Metal Roof: Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical Panels

There are two main types of standing seam metal roofing panels available, symmetrical and asymmetrical panels.

Symmetrical systems are industry leading with significant initial and long-term savings. These savings stem, in part, from factors like labor savings, the reduced chance of damage from leaks, and ease of future repairs.

The symmetrical panel seam design holds a fixed clip inside a fold at the top of the panel seam, so the sealant in the cap is in full continuous contact with the top of the panel seam with no interruptions.

Many traditional asymmetrical standing seam panels have an interruption in the sealant at each clip location. Watertight seams lead to less maintenance, headaches, and reduced potential for leaks throughout the life of the roofing system.